We believe that every person is significant for service at Transformation Church. Your God-given abilities, interests and passions, skills and talents, personality, and life experiences make up your unique DNA through which you can tell your life story and transform the world around you.

You were created with purpose and your life has meaning.

Simply stated, we need you!

Service opportunities already waiting for you include TC Kids, the TC Connect, TC Creatives, etc.

Not seeing your particular area of interest? Let's talk about it. Has a specific need in the community grabbed your attention? Perhaps there is a social injustice that you're compelled to change, or a certain people group whom you desire to positively impact. Or your hobbies and interests could be used for building relationships and helping others.

Whatever inspires you or earns the investment of your time could be the very place God wants you to serve. Contact us using the form below and let's get the conversation started about how your life contribution can be meaningful at Transformation Church.